Jason (whysoserious) wrote in bloom_county,

Berke's Letter

After I let it sit for about a half an hour, Berke's site finally loaded for me. The letter he posted is under the cut...

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Been a good journey.

See ya in the land of dreams, Opus.
thanks for posting this, I had been trying to read it since yesterday morning with no luck.
28 years... I didn't realize it was that long. I'm 36. Majority of my life...
i choose when and for whom i mourn, breathed! you can take my penguin and my masculine paragon (Steve) but you can't take my melancholy, damn you!
This totally brought tears to my eyes ...
It took forever for the letter to load and when it did, I cried. Kinda silly I realize but I had the tears rolling down my face. I had to take off my glasses because I couldn't see the screen.

I'm 37 and it was the majority of my life. When I was 10 or 11, my sister was in college and kept track of me when my mom was in law school. The guy down the hall in her dorm had all the Bloom County books out at that time and I read every last one, some of them twice! I'm sure he was amused. Totally skewered the way I looked at politics. (which is not a bad thing, really)

I was in high school before I learned that the Supreme Court Justice was Oliver Wendell Holmes, not Jones.

*sigh* Good memories!!!