Bill the Cat icons

Hey~ I have a RP journal just for dear ol' Bill the Cat (this one, actually~), and I was wondering if anyone has any decent icons for him that I could use. Or that someone could make some for me. I have several of the old comic books, but they are kind of falling apart on me.

Please? /big puppy dog eyes
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Just a reminder!

Apparently it came out last year, according to its Wiki. I am behind. However, if you missed it like me, here's your chance!

A Wish for Wings that Work is out on DVD. I picked up my copy at Walmart for about $15, but you may find better resources for it!

I saw it yesterday and teared up immediatly and had a joygasm! I hope this isn't spam and that some people didn't hear about it, and if you forgot, well, what are you waiting for?

Go BUY it!
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