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bloom_county's Journal

Bloom County
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Community for fans of Berkeley Breathed's "Bloom County" comic strip.
"weird" harold, 1980s politics, 996 melba lane, al haig, albino stompling, alf mushpie, alphonso ali, anatomically accurate andy, anxiety closets, armand dipthong, arnold blimpton, ash dashley, auggie dallas, banana jr. 6000, bart savagewood, basselopes, berke breathed, berkeley breathed, bess bloom, bhagwan bill, bill the cat, bill the communist cat, billy and the boingers, binkley, blondie, bloom boarding house, bloom county, bloom county babylon, bloom picayune, bobbi harlow, boozles, bulbles, burger blech, caspar weinberger, cat-sweat scalp tonic, charles limekiller, classics of western literature, comic license, cranial smoke, cutter john, daisy dancing, dandelions, deathtöngue, diane sawyer, donald trump, dr. legrunt, edith drock, editor overbeek, enterpoop, falklands war, flightless waterfowl, frank jones, fundamentally oral bill, giant spotted snorklewackers, hackers, happy trails, hare krishnas, herring, hodge-podge, illegal satellite dishes, incompatible noses, iowa, iowa city, it's reagan's fault, jackabasselopes, jeanne kirkpatrick, krna, l.h. puttgrass, ladies' church muffin club, lee iacocca, leona granola, leper lover, limekiller, lip-mashing, lizzie "the lizard" blackhead, lola granola, lola limekiller, long-tailed hamsters, loose tails, love rhino, major bloom, mary lou mcderp, meadow party, michael j. binkley, milo bloom, milo's meadow, milquetoast the cockroach, moovles, mortimer mouse, naked in the periwinkle, national radical meadow party, nose hemorrhoids, oliver wendell jones, one last little peek, opus, otis oracle, outland, penguin lust, pickles, pimples from hell, platinum-furred tonsil suckers, pocket diaper steamers, poofles, portnoy, quiche lorraine, rabies, rainbow warrior, reynalda, rockin' charmin' harmin, ronald reagan, ronald-ann smith, ronco, rosebud, rosebud the basselope, scuzzbucket from nantucket, sean penn, senator bedfellow, shooples, smell-o-toons, snardlepiffers, snorting dandelions, snugglebunnies, stars, steve dallas, suing santa claus, surprisles, sweatles, sweaty snugglebunnies, swivles, tattoos of dan fogelberg, teleportation, tess turbo, the academia waltz, the blackheads, the bloom beacon, the bloom picayune, the giant purple snorklewacker, the starchair enterpoop, tom binkley, toons for our times, truffles the pig, turnip twaddlers, veldt grazing, w. a. thornhump iii, w.a. thornhump, x-17 stealth basselope, yaz pistachio, yogurtheads, zipples, zygorthians